Show & Tell

  • Nada Presents...

    Nada Presents...

    'Twas a cold and icy night. But the sounds were warm and diverse and a full cranial flossing was achieved. Flier art by fellow performer Justin Meyers.

  • Pooch Karton - Rhythms for Dangerous Obstacles - album excerpts

    14 Works of rhythmic displacement and expansion performed on modular synthesizer are now available via Dream Disc Records on cassette/digital. These pieces were recorded between August and November, 2015 and explore the modulation of a central pulse as it regenerates through a system moving between ground and excited states.

  • Beyond the Infinite Sketchpad

    Beyond the Infinite Sketchpad

    I am not a gamer by any leap of the imagination nor will I offend that dedicated group of earth people by pretending to be so. But I do play games and have vaguely sensed the philosophical implications of their created spaces. Vaguely. Totally avoiding threading the needle of games and game spaces, let me just say: David Kanaga. That should be enough to get you started on an interesting sonic, visual and verbal journey of ever expanding and collapsing proportions. If you need more help, here's some clues (in no particular order):

    1.  Dyad OGST
    2. Structure & Alchemy in New Fractal Playspaces
    3. Infinite Sketchpad

  • The Golden Record

    The Golden Record

    The Golden Records were launched into space via the Voyager program in 1977. It will be some forty thousand years before there's even a glimmer of a chance that they may be discovered and played by some advanced "spacefaring civilization." I believe our time on Earth will be over by then (if not MUCH sooner). What did Carl Sagan, et al. compile onto these cosmic records? It's an interesting list. Assigment for the day: compile your own message to the dwellers beyond the stars.

  • Hoan Kiem Chess Team - Lonbardier

    Hoan Kiem Chess Team - Lonbardier

    I like the Plumbutter and I like this music. Giddyup. Lonbardier can be downloaded for free from the Game of Life Bandcamp page HERE. It's also archived on the Hoan Kiem Chess Team Soundcloud page HERE.

  • Portlandia


    I super enjoyed this doc film from 2008 on the Portland noise scene. It features Smegma (as seen above), Pulse Emitter, Yellow Swans, Daniel Menche and many others. It's on the youtube here, but you can pick it up here along with an hour of extras. I watched this in the middle of the night last night and I was bummed when it was over.